Are you not growing muscle fast enough? Your nutrition may well be holding you back

With the recent rise in physique and bodybuilding competitions, our athletes' aspirations to build muscle mass are on the increase. Even in power and combat sports, building high-quality muscle tissue is the goal that a lot of competitors are seeking to achieve.

The problem is that muscle building is not just achieved in the gym, and muscle doesn't just magically appear. As with all things with the body and performance, there are a collection of principles that create the result you are looking for.

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Most health and sports nutrition companies don't consider your mindset can affect your health, we do! Read this to learn why!

Being healthy is now widely recognised as an important part of our current culture. We have knowledge and provision with gyms, diets, personal trainers & coaches. 

Life expectancy in the UK is now 82.3 years for men and 85.8 years for women with healthy life expectancy, the age up to which people can expect to live healthily, is 63.1 for men and 63.7 for women.

But does health just involve a healthy body or does the mind have a part to play in your well being. At amino water, we aren't just concerned with the duration of the life you lead but also the quality of that time. 

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If you want faster fat loss, start doing this 1 thing now......

One of the most common areas we work on with our customers on is getting lean, whether its for aesthetics (how you look and feel) or performance (power to weight ratio or making weight).

Our lifestyles now provide more energy in the form of food and drink and less manual labour type jobs, this equation means that it's easy to become overweight if your have periods of unbalanced excess. 

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The Christmas Holiday Fat Gain Prevention Tactics We Use and You Don't

Ok, so let’s admit it, you've been working hard all year, Christmas time is a time to let loose. Our belief at Team Amino is work hard - play hard - be smart.

The problem is we don't need to tell you how to work or play hard, you have that covered. The bit we can help with is how can we make the holiday season a little more manageable and less guilt ridden. Our view point is to kill the guilt, get organised and go for it.

Having down time is crucial to maintaining motivation and intensity in work, training and life. We put this article together to help you get your surf board out and to ride the wave in style. Here we go.....

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The Secret Science Principles Behind Training To Build Muscle

An athletes desire to build muscle mass is a one of the 4 most common reasons for hitting the gym, especially in the bodybuilding circles. There are lots of myths and misconceptions based around pseudo scientific principles that have been passed down from generation to generation. The problem with these principles is that they can end up delivering sub par or hap hazard results that in the long run leaves athletes demotivated or even worse injured. 

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The huge fat loss secret you can learn in 5 minutes

Fat loss is such a huge topic and an area of real confusion in our currently landscape. Do eat carbs, don't eat carbs, fasting and HIIT? It can all get a bit much and people end up frozen by the conflicting sources. The thing with getting leaner is that our eating habits have stayed the same as if we were living 100 years ago when we had manual jobs and were way more active, it’s now time to change these habits and I hope this article helps.

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