If you want faster fat loss, start doing this 1 thing now......



You’re about to learn how to superchrarge your fatloss……

Stepping in to a new year is a chance to make a commitment to a new set up for all athletes (athletes being anyone with a body).

One of the most common areas we work on with our customers on is getting lean, whether its for aesthetics (how you look and feel) or performance (power to weight ratio or making weight).

Our lifestyles now provide more energy in the form of food and drink and less manual labour type jobs, this equation means that it's easy to become overweight if your have periods of unbalanced excess. 

The key to being successful with fat loss comes down to knowing what to do (we believe in keeping it simple) and being consistent enough to follow it through (even when it goes wrong or isn't working). Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975 & in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older, were overweight. Of these over 650 million were obese.

If this is your goal and you have struggled to get the results you desire then delve into the key concepts below and take back control with our one simple easy step. 


To use the science of nutrition allows us to take the guess work out of fat loss. All diets and types of nutrition can be broken down into fundamental elements (first principles) and it's looks like these 3 main areas for nutrition....

  1. Amount of food - this is how much you eat in terms of volume and it's measured in calories. If you eat more you will grow if you eat less you will shrink. 

  2. Types of food - this is the types of macro nutrients you consume and it's measure in carbohydrate, fats and proteins.  

  3. Timing - this is timing factor of both elements above

    The key science to loosing body fat is to make sure your total kcal intake is somewhere between maintenance and deficit. Put another way If your eating a excess of energy your going to struggle to drop excess body fat. That being said very calorie restricted diets also are likely to slow your metabolism and cause rebound binging so we don't advice that. 

    Using a tool like myfitnesspal can get you started on your journey to creating a calorie gradient. If you can't measure you can manage your goals so this is a great place to start. In orders of hierarchy doing this one simple change, will give you the biggest bang for buck when your consistent. Even if your not tracking the exact foods, just drawing attention to the total amount of food is half the battle. 

Because we are so efficient at burning energy exercise isn't the best way to get leaner.  It is a great stimulus and can help us burn calories but the athlete that think they can out train a bad diet will always come in second to the athlete who has done work on there nutrition.

Screen shot from MyfitessPal

Screen shot from MyfitessPal

Preserving muscle mass is really important, especially when your in a calorie deficit. One simple method we suggest (there are different chains of thought all have pros and cons) is creating a negative calorie balance and supplementing with essential amino acids (EAA's) when you train. Calorie restricted diet mean can burn the bodies muscle mass. Your muscle mass is the engine of the body, if your engine gets smaller the harder it will be to burn. Amino Water EAA is a great place to start use one serving during workouts to preserve your muscle mass (your engine) and top up your amino acid stores for recovery. Get your trial pack here

Action Points

  • If your over weight then your most bang for buck is to keep it simple and focus on energy balance. We have found that our customers do best when you have 1-2 things to focus on and you do those really well. Tracking your kcals and sticking to this consistently for a minimum of 4 weeks will start your on the journey and give you the exact results your looking for. 

  • if your already in pretty decent shape then the types and timing of nutrition becomes more important, focus on methods like carbohydrate cycling, intermittent fasting which help to shock that body by doing something different. As you get more insulin sensitive

  • Using a strong essential amino acid product like amino water will help to preserve muscle mass  while in a calorie gradient. This is essential for preserving muscle mass. Trial the product here